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Daily Reading - Tuesday, April 29 2014

Tutorial: getting started with Pop
Pop is an extensible animation engine for iOS and OS X. In addition to basic static animations, it supports spring and decay dynamic animations, making it useful for building realistic, physics-based interactions. It's a mature and well-tested framework that drives all the animations and transitions in Paper

iPads and tablet growth

looking at tablets and smartphones as mobile devices in a new category that competes with PCs may be the wrong comparison - in fact, it may be better to think of tablets, laptops and desktops as one 'big screen' segment, all of which compete with smartphones, and for which the opportunity is just smaller than that for smartphones. And so tablets will over time eat away at laptop and desktop sales just as laptops ate away at desktop sales, but the truly transformative new category is the smartphone. Maybe

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29 Apr 2014

Daily Reading - Monday, August 27 2013

Paul Graham on Building Companies for Fast Growth

The way you'll get big ideas in, say, health care is by starting out with small ideas. If you try to do some big thing, you don't just need it to be big; you need it to be good. And it's really hard to do big and good simultaneously. So, what that means is you can either do something small and good and then gradually make it bigger, or do something big and bad and gradually make it better. And you know what? Empirically, starting big just does not work. That's the way the government does things. They do something really big that's really bad, and they think, Well, we'll make it better, and then it never gets better.

Martin Fowler - GivenWhenThen

Offline Techniques & Sencha Touch

Reddit: Lessons Learned From Mistakes Made Scaling To 1 Billion Pageviews A Month

Give users a little bit of power, see what they do with it, and turn the good stuff into features. One of the biggest revelations for me was how much reddit learns from its users and how much it relies on users to make the site run smoothly. Users are going to tell you a lot of things you don’t know

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27 Aug 2013

Daily Reading - Tuesday, August 13 2013

Windows Azure: SQL Server Always On Support and Notification Hubs, AutoScale
With SQL Server AlwaysOn within Windows Azure VM, we can use a single connection to connect to the Availability Group Listener endpoint. The load balancer will route requests to primary or secondaries replica.
New Schedule AutoScale feature allows us to scale instances with a specific time frame. We can setup our website to scale up in the morning and scale down in the evening automatically.

Why are we attracted to beautiful things?

OWASP Top Ten Security Risk in 2013

Can a software developer be a successful entrepreneur?

Do things, write about it

you need to do only two things to put yourself in a position to encounter interesting work: make something cool and then tell people about it.

Inspiring me, this is exact what I am trying to do. Write some useful posts, push them to Github pages.

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13 Aug 2013

Daily Reading - Friday, August 12 2013

Message handlers scoped per route in ASP.NET Web API

Glimpse 1.6.0 released
Add server clock time to HUD, sometime there is a difference between client and server time.

Language Wide Features CSS

Group and Display Data with Underscore and AngularJS

Easily A/B Test Your Website's Call-to-Action Using Content Experiments API

I'm 13 and None of My Friends Use Facebook

In the end, Facebook has been trying too hard. Teens hate it when people try too hard; it pushes them away. It’s like if my mom told me not to do something — I immediately need to do it. When she forces something on me, I really don’t want to do it.
Teens just like to join in on their own. If you’re all up in their faces about the new features on Facebook, they’ll get annoyed and find a new social media.

The Importance of Realism in Startups

95 Ways to find your first customers for customer development or your first sale

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12 Aug 2013

Daily Reading - Thursday, August 08 2013

5 Steps to $5,000 in Monthly Recurring Revenue
A good story of StatusPage.io from idea to revenue.

Visual Studio 2013: Insert a Line
Useful feature, just press CTRL+ENTER or CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER to insert a line above or below the cursor.

The single most reckless, idiotic, wonderful app ever is here!
This app is brilliant idea. Throw your phone as high as you can, then it uploads your height to a leaderboard to compare with other height. It's thrilled game, but it's fun.

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08 Aug 2013

Daily Reading - Wednesday, August 07 2013

W3C Web Storage API Now In Recommendation Status

The JavaScript Cheese is Moving: Data-Oriented vs. Control-Oriented Programming

A useful method, I don't know its existence yet.

Well, I like Team Foundation Server and I like Git, but which is better?

Top 15 most talked-about web design trends

10 simple things you can do today that will make you happier

Lean analytics: Five lessons beyond the basics

The Origin of Tweet
An interesting story of the verb 'tweet'

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07 Aug 2013

Daily Reading - Tuesday, August 06 2013

Some AngularJS pitfalls

Directories for JavaScript resources

Javascript Patterns
A big collection of JS patterns. It's worth reading

Animating with AngularJS

Taking Control of Image Loading


Focus is critical when you are three people, when you are twenty-five people, five hundred people, and ten thousand people. You can always get farther faster by saying no to too many projects and too many priorities. Pick your shots carefully and hit them. That's what Jobs did to turn around Apple and that's what you can do with your company too.

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06 Aug 2013

Daily Reading - Saturday, August 03 2013

5 Myths About Mobile Web Performance
Javascript CPU performance does not affect mobile app performance as DOM Interaction, SVG, Canvas

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03 Aug 2013

Daily Reading - Thursday, August 02 2013

My ranked list of priorities for Backend Web Programming: Scalability > Maintainable code > performance

Git Best Practices

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02 Aug 2013

Daily Reading - Wednesday, July 31 2013

Appcelerator Survey on Mobile Development

Your app makes me fat
A very good post of cognitive resource.

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31 Jul 2013

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